What We Do

Gadget Homie has created the most-user friendly way to help you set up, configure and remotely support all of your smart home devices.

By booking a one-hour appointment, one of our Gadget Pros will come to your home and help solve your connectivity and setup challenges in a snap! We don't nickel and dime installation services - all appointments are one-hour in length and always cost $159. Our Gadget Pros will work at installing, connecting, and/or setting up as many smart home devices as possible within the one-hour appointment.

Not sure where to start? Book a 30-minute virtual consultation with a Gadget Pro to get started!

Gadget Homie recommends that customers expect to have their Gadget Pro install, connect, and/or set up 4-5 individual devices within the one hour appointment.

Products Installed:

Smart Home Base Stations, Smart Thermostats, Smart Doorbells, Smart Lighting and Outlets, Smart Garage Door Openers, Indoor/Outdoor Smart Cameras, Smart Door Locks, Smart Security Systems, Smart Televisions, WiFi Routers, Streaming Devices and other Smart Home Device Accessories.

By agreeing to an appointment with a Gadget Pro you agree to our Terms & Conditions.