Feeling sick, Homie?

Gadget Homie wants to make sure everyone in your household is safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With health and safety being our top priority, we'd like to share with you our safety response plan to ensure both you and our Gadget Pros (Independent Contractors) are healthy, safe, and prepared to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Each one of our Gadget Pro's will come to your appointment prepared to make you feel healthy and safe by complying with CDC recommendations for appropriate PPE usage and social distancing guidelines.

1) All Gadget Pros will be fully masked and are committed to adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines, maintaining a 6-foot distance from you or anyone else in your household during a scheduled appointment.

2) All Gadget Pros will have gloves that will be worn at all times during any scheduled appointment.

3) All Gadget Pros will have sanitizing wipes and will clean all devices touched and handled at the conclusion of a scheduled appointment.


4) All Gadget Pros will have shoe coverings that will be worn at all times inside your home.


5) All Gadget Pros will reschedule your appointment if they have a known illness or symptoms related to COVID-19.


6) Gadget Homie asks all customers to reschedule their appointment if anyone in your household has a known illness or displays symptoms related to COVID-19.

How do you reschedule your appointment? 

Simply email support@gadgethomie.com with your full name and the appointment date to reschedule. If no new appointment date is solidified, Gadget Homie will issue a full refund to the customer.