Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gadget Homie work?

It's simple! Book a Gadget Pro (one of our professional Gadget techs) to come out to your home for a one hour appointment. As you're reserving your appointment time, tell us what types of smart home devices you have that you'd like your Gadget Pro to connect and configure during your appointment.

What about COVID-19?

Gadget Homie wants to make sure everyone in your household is safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. With health and safety being our top priority, we'd like to share with you our safety response plan to ensure both you and our Gadget Pros (Independent Contractors) are healthy, safe, and prepared to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Each one of our Gadget Pro's will come to your appointment prepared to make you feel healthy and safe by complying with CDC recommendations for appropriate PPE usage and social distancing guidelines. 1. All Gadget Pros will be fully masked and are committed to adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines, maintaining a 6-foot distance from you or anyone else in your household during a scheduled appointment. 2. All Gadget Pros will have gloves that will be worn at all times during any scheduled appointment. 3. All Gadget Pros will have sanitizing wipes and will clean all devices touched and handled at the conclusion of a scheduled appointment. 4. All Gadget Pros will have shoe coverings that will be worn at all times inside your home. 5. All Gadget Pros will reschedule your appointment if they have a known illness or symptoms related to COVID-19. 6. Gadget Homie asks all customers to reschedule their appointment if anyone in your household has a known illness or displays symptoms related to COVID-19.

What happens if my smart devices fail after my Gadget Pro session?

Due to uncontrollable varibles, Gadget Homie cannot guarantee your home smart devices will maintain their connectivity following a session. Before a Gadget Pro leaves the appointment, they will ask the customer to sign their receipt acknowleding:

  1. The Gadget Pro (Independent Contractor) has successfully setup, configured and connected the smart devices that you (The Customer) had requested. Everything is in working order, has been tested to be functioning property, and the customer has physically tried each command (to include voice functions) with success and to their satisfaction. The job area is clean and free of any boxes, debris or trash from the installation or configuration.
  2. The Gadget Pro (Independent Contractor) has verbally explained and walked you (The Customer) through how each device operates and responds as part of the updated integration of your smart devices.
  3. I acknowledge that the Gadget Pro (Independent Contractor) isn't removing, copying or saving any of my sensitive or personal information as it relates to WiFi/Network and/or network names and passwords, Smart Device names and passwords or any other electronic smart device and its administrative user names and/or passwords that may or may not have been part of the appointment, to include setup, configuration or connectivity prompts, with Gadget Homie, LLC. By signing this document, it can be used as proof of your authorization in any related dispute.
  4. Gadget Homie offers an unlimited Remote Warranty (billed monthly) where one of our Gadget Pros can advise the customer virtually on any troubleshooting that is taking place.
  5. In some instances, an additional Gadget Pro session is needed to physically reconfigure or redesign a system that has fallen out of connectivity.